Nevada Birds of Prey

Below is a list of the birds of prey that we have in Nevada. The National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology provide excellent resources for learning about birds. Click on the name for photos and information.

1. American Kestrel american_kestrel_2
2. Bald Eagle bald_eagle_glamor
3. Barn Owl  barnowl.female
4. Burrowing Owlburrowowl_joshuaclark
5. Cooper’s HawkCooper's_Hawk_w13-7-007_l
6. Ferruginous Hawk  ferrug_glam
7. Flammulated Owl FlammulatedOwl
8. Golden Eaglegolden_eagle_2
9. Great Horned Owlgreat_horned_owl_anneelliot
10. MerlinMerlin_c27-3-044_l
11. Mississippi KiteMississippi_Kite_l07-51-010_l
12. Northern GoshawkNorthern_Goshawk_y03-4-001_l
13. Northern Harrierharrier_robinsegg
14. Northern Pygmy-OwlNorthern_Pygmy-Owl_b57-13-220_l
15. Ospreyosprey_1
16. Peregrine FalconPeregrine_Falcon_w02-50-103_l
17. Prairie Falconprairie_rognan
18. Red-shouldered HawkRed-shouldered_Hawk_s44-30-002_l
19. Red-tailed HawkRed-tailed_Hawk_v11-13-016_l
20. Rough-legged HawkRough-leggedHawk-Vyn_070302_0003-Edit
21. Sharp-shinned HawkSharp-shinned_Hawk_w13-19-024_l_0
22. Swainson’s HawkSwainson's_Hawk_h12-2-158_l